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The Humble Co.: Introducing the concept of bamboo instead of plastic

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

A few weeks ago my housemate and myself decided to go backpacking. As I was making a packing list, I realized I needed a toothbrush to take with me.

We then went to Boots to buy our bits and bobs, and by chance I stumbled across a bamboo toothbrush, the only toothbrush that was not packaged in plastic. I decided to give it a chance, not knowing the company and only buying it for the sake of its packaging, and it was the best decision I could have made.

After being so content with the quality of this toothbrush, I decided to look into the company, and I have never found such an amazing company by chance!

What is The Humble Co.?

The Humble Co. was developed by Swedish dentists in 2013. Their products have the goal of being sustainable as well as being a product that does the job. Their motto throughout the entire foundation is sustainability: By using bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world, as their base for most of their products, they give an alternative to plastic. Every year 3,6 billion plastic toothbrushes are consumed, of which the majority lands in the oceans. The Humble Co. tries to get involved in Ocean cleanups for this very purpose, and by selling their products in Urban Outfitters as well as Boots, they are easily accessible for anyone wanting to switch.

Their product range covers all things dental:

  • Bamboo toothbrushes with a stand and a case, of which only the bristles are not biodegradable but recyclable

  • Dental floss that comes without plastic packaging

  • Toothpaste made of natural ingredients and sodium fluoride that comes in 100% recycled packaging and in many different flavors

  • Chewing gum made of 100% natural ingredients

  • Cotton swabs that are 100% biodegradable  

  • Bamboo straws which come with a metal brush to clean them

Because these products are developed by dentists they are not only good from a sustainable perspective, but also great from a dental perspective. I am so satisfied with the toothbrush I have (the bristles are soft and do not hurt my gums while brushing) and can't wait to purchase more of their products!

The Humble Smile Foundation

Additionally to selling products to help oral hygiene, they also have the Humble Smile Foundation. This foundation creates projects worldwide to help educate and supply people with Humble products about how to maintain oral hygiene.

Tooth decay is one of the biggest health issues in the world, and with cavities several health issues can follow, such as gum disease, mouth cancer and heart attacks. By creating several projects throughout the world, including India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Pakistan and Tanzania, the organization educates a healthier lifestyle and also treats those who need it.

The foundation tries to develop new innovative models of sustainable oral health promotion. This means they try and introduce a healthier lifestyle from all aspects, not just from teaching children how to clean their teeth. By learning what food is healthy, trying to educate not only children but parents and teachers, and then encouraging oral health, communities adapt accordingly.

You can find an interactive map that explains what projects are going on where and why here.

This company is just one example of how plastic can easily be replaced using the right technology. Their products are extremely affordable, if not the same to other dental companies, and Humble Co. donates a percentile of their income to the Humble Smile Foundation to keep their incredible work going.

All photographs were used from The Humble Co. press images album.

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