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Replacing plastic: sustainable hair care

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

When I first heard about shampoo bars I was over the moon. A zero-waste, funky looking and cost efficient alternative for washing your hair was finally available! But as with normal shampoo, I struggled to find a shampoo bar that would tame my frizzy hair and still take care of my ends. I went from store to store, trying out different bars, and eventually decided to take it online.

So here I was, researching the internet for hair care products, trying to stay away from any big brands that ship internationally. And by chance I stumbled upon Rush Organics.

What is Rush Organics?

Rush Organics is a company based in South Wales, selling home-made shampoo bars made from all-natural, organic ingredients. Their main goal is to provide alternative bathroom products to help reduce plastic, and being a completely online store, they are able to keep costs affordable. Their main products are focused on everything to do with hair-care, however they also supply other wash products such as soap bars, body wash, face scrubs and plenty more.

Why use Rush organics?

In comparison to other big brand shampoo bars, Rush organics does not include any palm oil, sodium laureth sulphate (SLS), silicone and propylene glycol. Most of these chemicals might not sound familiar (I hadn't heard of them), but they are often linked to skin irritation. Palm oil is one of the top reasons for deforestation in Asia, Africa and South America.

By switching to these shampoo bars I am not only giving my hair better, more natural care, but I also am saving A LOT of plastic. This photo shows how many shampoo, conditioner, body and face wash bottles I had standing around in my shower. I was absolutely shocked by how much plastic packaging I had, since I usually would consider myself as an environmentally conscious consumer! Given the alternatives I have found on Rush Organics, I switched to plastic-free hair care and the only plastic bottles in my bathroom are products I have not used up yet.

All of Rush Organics bars are vegan, and there is a large variety to choose from. If you are not sure what bars are best for your type of hair, they have a guide to look at to get a rough idea what products might be best.

I have fallen in love with their lemon meringue shampoo bar, that smells amazing and keeps my Hagrid hair in good care for several days. For each shampoo there is a matching conditioner, that treats your hair depending on its structure.

The price for each shampoo bar is very affordable, and each bar is meant to last around three months (80 washes) and does the job of 750ml worth of liquid shampoo. Obviously it depends on how the bar is used and how often, but I have had mine now for a few weeks and it still is going strong! The delivery is quick, and you can check all the ingredients of the shampoo bar as you purchase it.

Supporting a small business, that has used a great idea of big corporations and turned it into something even better, is amazing. Need some more convincing? They are certified as 100% organic, vegan and are recognized by Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) as Plastic Free Champions.

Have I changed your mind? To find out more about Rush Organics click here.

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