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The new and improved Google

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Ever since the phenomenon called Internet exploded, Google has become one of the most successful companies in the world. Their search engine is used by everyone, everyday. You were probably using it or are going to use it within the next hour, am I right?

Anyway, my point is we use Google A LOT. Well, I don’t. Not anymore. A few weeks ago I stumbled across this little beauty called Ecosia. What is it, you ask? Well, hold your horses, because I looked into it thoroughly and I think it is brilliant.

Basically, Ecosia is a search engine, like Google, but instead of using its incomes for the company it uses them to plant trees all around the world. You can install it as your go-to-browser and thereby help support the company raise money to plant trees.

How does it work?

With every search on the Internet ads pay a lot of money to have their sites pop up on the top of the list as well as have little photos or links for you to click on. Ecosia uses the money from those advertisements to support companies all around the world to plant trees.

If you have Ecosia as your search engine, there will be a small symbol in the top right corner showing the number of searches you have made through this search engine. On average you need to have 45 searches to plant one tree. Ecosia has grown so much that now they plant one tree every 1,7 seconds! Don’t believe the numbers? See for yourself!

Tree nursery in Peru.

The projects

Ecosia has managed to get involved with many projects all around the world, including Peru, Spain, Tanzania and Indonesia. I’ve picked out an example for you to read, but I highly recommend looking into all the fantastic work they’ve been doing here.

An incredible achievement can be seen with the partnering in between Ecosia and Green Ethiopia.

Tomato field in Mount Tango in Ethiopia.

Through financing afforestation in Ethiopia civilians have not only been given a job and support for agriculture, but the environment has clearly benefitted through the growth of trees as well. Rivers no longer dry out at any time of the year, trees enable more clean drinking water and an entire mountain can be covered in farmland, growing crops such as tomatoes and coffee. Through these communities a support system has grown all across the country, which focuses their finances not only on agriculture but also on education and health.

Still think there’s a catch?

I know what you’re thinking: How do I know they are being honest about all the money they spend? Well, that’s what makes me love Ecosia so much: They post their financial reports. So if you are wondering how much of the money they earn is actually invested in helping, you’re welcome to take a look.

I’ve changed it to my search engine and have not regretted it since. The search results are the same as they are on Google, the site looks friendlier and I’m making a difference with such little effort. Did I persuade you? Change it here and help make a difference!

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